Easter Ross Gaelic: lexicon with texts and brief phonology


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by Seosamh Watson
Published: 2022
Format: hardback
Pages: xiii + 474
Reference: E.3.9
ISBN: 978-1-85500-248-7

This study supplies a long-standing gap in our knowledge of eastern Gaelic dialects. In addition to a concise, comprehensive phonology, together with historical and dialectological notes, the volume contains a series of texts obtained by the author from speakers born in the late 19th century. These original recordings have been deposited in the archives of DASG and Edinburgh University Library. The centrepiece of the monograph is a 280-page lexicon which includes sections on place- and personal names. Unlike more familiar western varieties of the language, Easter Ross Gaelic stood at an important interface with Scots and for this reason the collection sheds important new light on language contact in the area.

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