Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies – Vol. 5 (Richard Irvine Best memorial volume)


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ed. Myles Dillon
Published: 1960 (repr. 1983)
Format: pbk
Pages: x + 240 pp., pll.
Reference: C.1.5
ISBN: 1 85500 056 3


  • Bibliography of the publications of Richard Irvine Best
    pp. v-x
  • An unedited fragment of Irish exegesis in Visigothic script
    E. A. Lowe
    pp. 1–7
  • Some notes on the history of the Book of Leinster
    A. Gwynn, S.J.
    pp. 8–12
  • From `above top line’ to `below top line’: a change in
    scribal practice
    N. R. Kerr
    pp. 13–16
  • A Welsh pencerdd’s manuscripts
    E. D. Jones
    pp. 17–27
  • Fragment of an Irish double psalter with glosses in the library of
    Trinity College, Dublin
    Ludwig Bieler and Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 28–39
  • Muridac doctissimus plebis, ein irischer Grammatiker des
    IX. Jahrhunderts
    Bernhard Bischoff
    pp. 40–44
  • Espoic Branduibh aui Trenloco anchoritae
    Pau Grosjean, S.J.
    pp. 45–51
  • Dermot O’Donohue and the Codex Salmanticensis
    W. W. Heist
    pp. 52–63
  • Laud Misc. 610
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 64–76
  • IE *que in Irish
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 77–94

  • Old-Irish ol `inquit’
    E. G. Quin

    pp. 95–102

  • Some problems of Irish phonology
    David Greene
    pp. 103–106
  • The structural point of view applied to the analysis
    of the consonant system of a Donegal dialect
    Alf Somerfelt
    pp. 107–115
  • Svarabhakti and some associated changes in Manx
    R. L. Thomson
    pp. 116–126
  • Gemination and spirant mutation
    Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson
    pp. 127–134
  • Varia hibernica
    Vernum Hull

    1. ad-cois
    2. móaigid
    3. -taithmis
    4. A further note on rabais
    5. On Scél Túain maic Cairill

    pp. 135–140

  • Zum irischen Wortschatz
    E. Lewy
    p. 141
  • Bonnyclabber
    Kemp Malone

    p. 142

  • Notulae quaedam
    Kathleen Mulchrone
    pp. 143–144
  • A Welsh treatise on horses
    Cecile O’Rahilly
    pp. 145–160
  • Mac an Bhaird’s elegy on the Ulster lords
    Eleanor Knott
    pp. 161–171
  • Tract on chief places of Meath
    T. P. McCaughey
    pp. 172–176
  • A seventeenth-century legal document
    Brain Ó Cuív
    pp. 177–185
  • On the origin of Tara
    Máirín O Daly
    pp. 186–191
  • An apocryphal `Book of Enoch and Elias’ as a possible
    source of the Navagatio Sancti Brendani
    M. Esposito
    pp. 192–206

  • A poem attributed to Cormac mac Cuilennáin († 908)
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 207–217
  • The tour of Edward Lhuyd in Ireland in 1699 and 1700
    J. L. Campbell
    pp. 218–228

  • The pre-Celtic inhabitants of Ireland
    Julius Pokorny
    pp. 229–240

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