Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies – Vol. 23 (Essays in honour of James Patrick Carney)


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ed. Fergus Kelly, Michelle O Riordan
Published: 1999
Format: pbk
Pages: viii + 436
Reference: C.1.23
ISBN: 1 85500 190 X


  • James Carney’s connections with Uppsala University
    † Birgit Bramsbäck
    pp. 1–2
  • Fenian material in the work of James Stephens
    † Birgit Bramsbäck
    pp. 3–18
  • The Blessed Virgin and the sunbeam through glass
    Andrew Breeze
    pp. 19–29
  • Transmutations of immortality in `The lament of the Old Woman of Beare’
    John Carey
    pp. 30–37
  • Geis, prophecy, omen, and oath
    T. M. Charles-Edwards
    pp. 38–59
  • The British past and the Welsh future: Gerald of Wales, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Arthur of Britain
    J. C. Crick
    pp. 60–75
  • `Palmaire’ agus focail eile
    † T. de Bhaldraithe
    pp. 76–81
  • The `British’ Genealogy of the Campbells
    William Gillies
    pp. 82–95
  • Mabinogi and archaism
    Eric P. Hamp
    pp. 96–112
  • The virgin St Duinsech and her three Ulster churches near Strangford Lough, County Down
    A. J. Hughes
    pp. 113–124
  • The Seafarer and the birds: a possible Irish parallel
    Nicolas Jacobs
    pp. 125–131
  • Blathmac and the Céili Dé: a reappraisal
    Brian Lambkin
    pp. 132–154
  • Old Irish inne
    Fredrik Otto Lindeman
    pp. 155–156
  • Syntax and style in Middle Welsh prose: notes on periphrasis and epitaxis
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 157–168
  • Old Irish briugu `hospitaller’ and connected words
    Gearóid Mac Eoin
    pp. 169–173
  • Irish perceptions of the Cosmos
    Liam Mac Mathúna
    pp. 174–187
  • James Patrick Carney
    Terence McCaughey
    pp. 188–192
  • Water imagery in early Irish
    Kay Muhr
    pp. 193–210
  • The Mors Pilati in the Cornish Resurrexio Domini
    Brian Murdoch
    pp. 211–226
  • The poems of Blathmhac: the `fragmentary quatrains’
    † Nessa Ní Shéaghdha
    pp. 227–230
  • The festival of Brigit the Holy Woman
    Séamas Ó Catháin
    pp. 231–260
  • Elegy on Féilim Mac Maghnusa Méig Uidhir ob. 1487
    † Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 261–268
  • The Latin colophon to the `Táin Bó Cúailnge’ in the Book of Leinster: A critical view of Old Irish literature
    Pádraig Ó Néill
    pp. 269–275
  • The Book of Domhnall Ó Duibhdábhoireann, provenance and codicology
    William O’Sullivan
    pp. 276–299
  • Cormac’s metrical testament: `Mithig techt tar mo thimna’
    Erich Poppe
    pp. 300–311
  • Writing history: Early Irish historiography and the significance of form
    Joan N. Radner
    pp. 312–325
  • Altus Prosator
    Jane Stevenson
    pp. 326–368
  • The heathen giant in the Voyage of St Brendan
    Clara Strijbosch
    pp. 369–389
  • Edward Lhuyd’s `Geirieu Manaweg’ II
    Robert L. Thomson
    pp. 390–407
  • A note on some adverbial forms in Co. Donegal Irish
    Seosamh Watson
    pp. 408–412
  • The genesis of Togail Bruidne da Derga: a reappraisal of the `two-source’ theory
    Máire West
    pp. 413–435

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