Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies – Vol. 14

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ed. Brian Ó Cuív
Published: 1981
Format: pbk
Pages: 187
Reference: C.1.14
ISBN: 1 85500 124 1


  • Three notes
    † Cecile O’Rahilly

    1. feib (amal) as dech
    2. doiligh, doilghe
    3. Inflexion of the objective predicative adjective

    pp. 1–5

  • An Irish poet at the Roman Curia
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 6–7
  • Demne Mael

    Joseph Falaky Nagy
    pp. 8–14

  • The Book of Ballymote
    Tomás Ó Concheanainn
    pp. 15–25
  • Addenda to Celtica XIII

    Brian Ó Cuív

    1. The Harrowing of Hell
    2. Etymology of étáil

    p. 26

  • The etymology of dia do bheatha

    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 27–42

  • Pagan shame or Christian modesty?
    Raymond J. Cormier
    pp. 43–46
  • Closure in bardic poetry
    Cáit Ní Dhomhnaill

    pp. 47–61

  • Initial stress in the Breton of Guémené-sur-Scorff (Bas-Vannetais)
    Malachy McKenna
    pp. 62–63
  • On a use of gaibid
    Johan Corthals

    pp. 64–66

  • Remarks on a linguistic drift
    J. E. Caerwyn Williams
    pp. 67–82
  • A fragment of Irish annals
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 83–104

    The Old-Irish text from this article (pp. 91–96) can be read at the CELT project’s web site.

  • Baase Illiam Dhone
    George Broderick
    pp. 105–123
  • Sicíní circe Sheáin Chláraigh

    Brian Ó Cuív
    p. 124

  • Ochtfhoclach Choluim Chille

    E. G. Quin
    pp. 125–153
  • David Greene (1915–1981)

    Brian Ó Cuív
    p. 154

  • Book Reviews

    • Die Regensburger Schottenlegende – Libellus de fundacione ecclesie consecrati Petri
      Pádraig A. Breatnach
      D. A. Binchy
    • Folksongs and folklore of South Uist
      Margaret Fay Shaw
      Hebridean Folksongs II
      J. L. Campbell and Francis Collinson
      Virginia Blankenhorn
    • Late Medieval monumental sculpture in the West Highlands
      K. A. Steer and J. W. M. Bannerman
      Art in Wales 2000 B.C. – A.D. 1850

      Edited by Eric Rowan
      Hilary Richardson

    • A Welsh grammar
      Stephen J. Williams
      Mícheál Ó Siadhail
    • An introduction to Welsh literature
      Gwyn Williams
      The poets of the welsh princes

      J.E. Caerwyn Williams
      The Mabinogi
      Proinsias Mac Cana
      The folk poets
      W. Rhys Nicholas
      Liam Breatnach

    • Les dieux de la Gaule
      Paul-Marie Duval

      Celtic civilization and its heritage
      Jan Filip
      Brian Ó Cuív

    • Grammar of Ros Goill Irish Co. Donegal
      Leslie W. Lucas
      Brian Ó Cuív
    • Bible Chasherick yn lught thie : The Manx family Bible
      Fargher’s English-Manx dictionary

      Douglas C. Fargher
      Brian Ó Cuív

    • Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 35 (1976), 36 (1977), 37 (1979)
      Brian Ó Cuív
    • Seanachas Amhlaoibh Í Luínse
      Seán Ó Cróinín / Donncha Ó Cróinín
      Brian Ó Cuív
    • Études Celtiques 16 (1979), 17 (1980)
      Brian Ó Cuív
    • Innéacs Nua-Ghaeilge
      (don Dictionary of the Irish language)
      Tomás de Bhaldraithe

      Brian Ó Cuív

    • Edward Lhuyd: the making of a scientist
      Brynley F. Roberts
      Brian Ó Cuív

    pp. 155–187

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