Celtica — Journal of the School of Celtic Studies – Vol. 11 (Myles Dillon memorial volume)


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ed. David Greene and Brian Ó Cuív
Published: 1976
Format: pbk
Pages: 285 pp., pll.
Reference: C.1.11
ISBN: 1 85500 093 8


  • Myles Dillon (1900–1972): a bibliography
    Rolf Baumgarten
    pp. 1–14
  • Two observations concerning the Navigatio Brendani
    Ludwig Bieler
    pp. 15–17
  • Féchem, fethem, aigne
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 18–33
  • Unpublished letters by Edward Lhuyd in the National Library of
    John L. Campbell
    pp. 34–42
  • The social background to Irish peregrinatio
    T. M. Charles-Edwards
    pp. 43–59
  • `Rindard’
    Maartje Draak
    p. 60
  • The preposition i n- as the subject marker
    David Greene
    pp. 61–67
  • Barnu brawd
    Eric P. Hamp
    pp. 68–75
  • Over the writer’s shoulder: Saint Abban
    W. W. Heist
    pp. 76–84
  • Diminutive suffixes in Breton
    Roparz Hemon
    pp. 85–93
  • Notes on the long future in Middle and Modern Irish
    Kenneth Jackson
    pp. 94–106
  • The Old Irish tree-list
    Fergus Kelly
    pp. 107–124
  • Two notes
    Proinsias Mac Cana

    • On the word láech `warrior’
    • On a title in the MI tale-lists

    pp. 125–132

  • The background of the battle of Tarbga
    Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 133–140
  • The possessive construction in Scottish Gaelic
    Terence P. McCaughey
    pp. 141–149
  • On the LU version of `The expulsion of the Dési’
    Tomás Ó Cathasaigh
    pp. 150–157
  • The scribe of the Irish astronomical tract in RIA B II 1
    Tomás Ó Concheanainn
    pp. 158–167
  • Comram na Cloenfherta
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 168–179
  • Béimaistriú i mantfhocail
    T. S. Ó Máille
    pp. 180–186
  • The article in a variety of Perthshire Gaelic
    Máirtín Ó Murchú
    pp. 187–193

  • Cathcharpat serda
    Cecile O’Rahilly
    pp. 194–202
  • Beatha Cholaim Chille: an chóip atá i LS. A 8

    Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin
    pp. 203–213

  • The Tinnakill Duanaire
    Anne O’Sullivan
    pp. 214–228
  • The Irish manuscripts in case H in Trinity College Dublin
    catalogued by Matthew Young in 1781
    William O’Sullivan

    pp. 229–250

  • On the meaning of `habitual’
    R. A. Q. Skerrett
    pp. 251–254
  • The stressed vowel phonemes of a Manx idiolect
    R. L. Thomson
    pp. 255–263
  • Beiträge zur vergleichenden Erforschung des Irischen
    H. Wagner

    1. Eine Etymologie von Féni
    2. Zum Verbalpraefix ro-
    3. Neuir. thug sé a aghaidh ar . . . `Er ging nach . . .’
    4. Südir. chuaidh an teine i n-éag `Das Feuer ging aus’
    5. Altir. at-ballat a beóil `er stirbt’
    6. Zur Etymologie von ir. seangán `Ameise’
    7. Neuirisch gustal

    pp. 264–269

  • The etymology of Irish dúan
    Calvert Watkins
    pp. 270–277
  • MlW neu, neut as copula

    J. E. Caerwyn Williams
    pp. 278–285

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