Aon don Éigse: Essays Marking Osborn Bergin’s Centenary Lecture on Bardic Poetry (1912)


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eds. Caoimhín Breatnach and Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail
Published: 2015
Format: hardback
Pages: xx + 315
Reference: F.1.15
ISBN: 978-1-85500-230-2

In April 2012, a conference was held in the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, to mark the centenary of Osborn Bergin’s lecture on ‘Bardic Poetry’ to the Irish National Literary Association in Dublin. An eminent scholar in the field of Irish and Celtic Studies, Bergin had a remarkable knowledge of the Irish language from the Old Irish period down to the spoken language of his day. The present volume contains the papers delivered on that occasion, which encompass the fields of philology and grammar, metrics and poetry, editorial approaches to primary manuscript sources, lexicography and orthography.

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